David Perry

I started playing guitar when I was 13, after I figured out how to play “Wipe Out.”  Then like so many other musicians, my desire to make music my life all started on a fateful Sunday night, when I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show.  I played guitar and keyboards in numerous bands in the late 60’s and 1970's in the New Haven CT area. I was in one band for a week with Michael Bolton. I also built a home studio in my parent’s basement and recorded lots of bands during that time. I also learned to play drums and made many "one man band" recordings. At one point I was offered a recording contract and publishing deal with Paramount Records and Famous Music, but the deal fell through.  I moved to Seattle WA in 1978, and worked as a producer/engineer for several years. I produced several "disco" hits there, by artists like Salazar and Carrie LaPorte. I also produced an album for Meredith ("I’m a Bitch”) Brooks and I worked in the studio with Kenny G, Sir Mix a Lot and Boy Meets Girl, all before they became stars. I also recording myself sped up as a “chipmunk rapper” and released a single and album called “I’m Little Ray Rapper,” back in the early days of rap music.  I took a break from music for a few years while I concentrated on video editing and production, which is where I learned the skills I use in making my music videos.  In 2019, I finally put together my first real album, “It’s About Time," though I put out a remixed version in 2021 called “It Is About Time.”  Since then I’ve been focusing on making music videos and growing my youtube channel, “DavidPerryTunes."